The Creative Genius in Us - the Sky’s the Limit or Is It? - iAccelerate

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iAccelerate is excited to bring you this opportunity to hear from Professor Katina Michael from the School of Computing & Information Technology at UOW.

Katina has worked in the field of Information and Communication Technology for over twenty years. In her industry role as a senior network and systems engineer for a global vendor she saw the IP revolution take place first hand, and contributed to major mobile telephony roll-outs across Asia.

Hear Katina's presentation which will focus on how emerging technologies in the domain of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, wearable and embeddable technologies are creating unparalleled user experiences in society. Enterprises now have access to digital glasses that help their employees free their hands while simultaneously viewing complex procedures in highly skilled business processes.

AI-inspired wi-fi-enabled conversational bots in the guise of dolls and teddies now grant children the ability to interact with their toys in unforeseen ways. Householders are being sold convenience in the face of Internet-enabled household monitoring devices for smoke alarms, sustainable living, and security devices.

What used to be a whitegood is now a white-gate personal assistant- anthropomorphised robot vacuum cleaners, Internet browsers, and dishwashers with eyes and ears and even a voice and a name. Law enforcement are delving into an era of evidence-based policing based on near real-time behavioural biometrics analysis, enabling them to study human movement and identify exceptions identifying potential crimes. Governments want to crack down on citizen fraud with a real ID and biometrics.

Biohackers continue to tout the benefits of going embedded with technology for epayments using bitcoin. And soon, the promise of swallowable digital drugs will be actualised through an Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) platform.

How far should technology go? Are there any limits? Come along and discuss the role of ethics in the development of new technologies.

This is a free event and is open to the public. Canapes and drinks will be provided.