Open Data Initiative for the Illawarra

Open Data Initiative for the Illawarra

Nathan Waters from Hackagon has launched a new Open Data Initiative and platform for the Illawarra.

"The platform is the first I'm aware of for a local region, and is using the same free and open-source software platform that the NSW Government (http://data.nsw, and the Federal Government ( use for their open data initiatives. The difference is that our region's platform is much better looking and customised to help build a community around the data." 

According to Nathan Waters, will also encourage:

1) more local organisations to share their data,
2) more makers and developers to build useful tools harnessing local Illawarra data,
3) more citizens to share ideas on how their local gov/biz/orgs can better serve them.

Hackagong's Nathan Water encourages all of your organisations and partners to upload and/or link your data to the platform. He has added a leaderboard on the homepage that displays the organisations with the most shared datasets. Within the next 5 months, he will be encouraging 100s of local compsci students and developers to build apps utilising the data available on this platform. The top organisations on this leaderboard will probably also receive local and national media attention as leaders in the local open data movement.

Why is open data important for all organisations?

You probably have data stored within private silos in your organisation that could be put to use. Open this data to the public, create incentives, run hackathons and offer prizes to utilise the data. Instantly create a powerful and emergent research and development division for very little cost. Acquire/acqui-hire/emulate the best uses of your data. organisation pages

Nathan has already created a page on the platform for each of your organisations. Just register an account and reply to this email with your username so Nathan can make you an administrator of your org page. This will allow you to change the image, description, and upload/manage/link all of your public or private datasets.

If you have any questions or issues at all, get in touch. Nathan Waters is happy to give any ideas or help you workout how to share your data safely and securely.

The platform is running on it's own droplet/VM on and is setup to perform regular backups. You are encouraged you to simply create your own open data APIs and endpoints (eg and then post them to the platform.

For furher information, please contact Nathan Waters directly at:

Nathan Waters
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