State-of-the-art data centre at Unanderra

The second stage of Metronode’s Unanderra Data Centre is officially open and coming online to expand ICT storage capabilities in NSW. Department of Finance, Services and Innovation secretary Martin Hoffman celebrated the milestone on Thursday.

Through the Data Centre Reform Program the department is working with industry partners and industry representatives to build new state-of-the-art facilities in NSW. The two year construction phase of new facilities at Unanderra and Silverwater is now complete.

The date centre at Unanderra is built and being operated by data centre provider Metronode that presently has 10 facilities in seven cities across Australia.It is also the first data centre provider in the Asia Pacific region to be awarded Uptime Institute’s Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability for its the recently completed facilities in Wollongong and Sydney.

Metronode now has more Tier III facilities than any other provider in Australia. The new Unanderra and Silverwater facilities are a result of a new approach adopted by the NSW Government called GovDC which set about consolidating the 130 facilities being used as data centres for NSW State government agencies in 2010.

NextGenGroup Government Business group general manager Malcolm Roe was with Metronode at the start of the two years construction project and still is.Mr Roe said wherever possible Illawarra businesses and skills were used in building and running the the important facility.

This story was published by Greg Ellis, 12 October 2015,